Angie Gray - Celavive Pre-order Form

Angie Gray Celavive Ambassador
Because you are an amazing beauty that pre-ordered,
you are invited to a FB LIVE Spa Party
We will go over all the products and experience them together!
Please invite your friends!!

Your cost for the full system is only $285.00.

And, here's what you get:
*Conditioning make up remover 
*Gentle milk cleanser/creamy foam cleanser ( One or the other depending on your skin type)
*Perfecting toner 
*Protective day lotion or cream  (depending on your skin type )SPF 30
*Replenishing night gel or cream (depending on your skin type)
*Vitalizing serum 
*Hydrating Eye essence
I'm so excited for you to try Celavive!!
 Please let me know which system you think your skin will BEST respond to :-) 
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